Lavahi has taken one of her SoundCloud classics and reinvented it with a more mature sound.
Featuring Dennis Turner on bass, Ele Howell on drums, Franklin Rankin on guitar, Walter Baker on keys, and Mollie Ducoste on strings, this full band version of "Blue:Burgundy" hits the groove (and your feels) even harder.

"But I know deep down

You still

Love me


BMX Files / T KAHN

"...From beautifully delicate liquid and lo-fi hip-hop, to hard-hitting breaks and a moving spoken word piece, For The Good Of It All is an uplifting album filled with beacons of positivity for anyone who is struggling and in need of support..." - UKF

Lavahi and Facing Jinx team up again to speak from the heart on another thoughtful dance track entitled "Ignorance," featured on Facing Jinx's solo album on Peer Pressure Records.

"...After 13 years and over 90 releases, we now celebrate the label with 23 brand new tracks from label legends as well as some new blood..." - Hospital Records

Check out LAVAHI's D&B debut via her collaboration with the incredible Facing Jinx on Hospital Record's Graduation compilation album.  Their dance track is called "Rest Assured."

GLOW Music Productions presents this sultry collaboration of dynamic composers Cymphony Jaxon, Devin Morrison, and our beloved featured artist LAVAHI for the debut Ten of Diamonds compilation.

"Look Here Baby" is a fan favorite, especially in the UK markets where the album is consistently charting, even ranking at the #1 spot for two weeks in a row (Global:Soul Chart)!

"[L]ovin the vocals by Lavahi on Look Here Baby..." - Russ Cole of Global:Soul Radio


available for download and streaming

“Simultaneously experimental and timeless, this is a comforting, mellifluously-rich musical blend, taking the neo-soul movement to the next level. I’d recommend “Forever” to anybody who loves good music. LAVAHI is different, she’s unique. That wondrous voice of hers alone will ensure she has a long career ahead of her.” - Jamsphere

"You and me

No fallin' back

Know you have my heart



LAVAHI is an independent scholar-artist with an eclectic composition.

While her primary instrument is voice, she also plays flute, produces, and arranges.

As a singer-songwriter and an academic,

LAVAHI's writing encompasses lyrics (for herself and others) as well as scholarly articles.

Whether through performance in music, in writing, or in academic spaces, LAVAHI allows her own vulnerability to cultivate the vibe and create a safe space, internally and externally, for those sharing the experience with her.