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Scholar-Artist and

Founder & CEO of

Replay and Rewind Records

LAVAHI is a scholar-artist on a mission to better society from the inside out. Through her music, scholarship, and performance, LAVAHI is building a platform to nourish the heart and mind, empathize our human experiences, and vibe together. As a daughter of jazz, the culture heavily informs her ideology and influences her sound. Acrobatic scatting, compelling chords, and the art of improvisation evoke that classic traditional aesthetic and set her contemporary sound apart from the norm of mainstream neo-soul, hip hop, and R&B. And with her satisfying blend of analog and digital sounds, LAVAHI shows that the lineage of Black sound is not linear but ever folding and stretching.

LAVAHI has been actively developing her artistry via performing, songwriting, and recording since 2010. In the process, she has worked with an eclectic range of artists and produced noteworthy collaborative projects. Her list of credits includes "Hold On," the widely successful second single release from jazz vocalist Lori Williams's 2018 studio album Out of the Box, and "Rest Assured," a feature on Hospital Records' drum and bass tribute compilation 'Med School: Graduation.' "Hold On" (featuring the legendary Tom Browne of "Funkin' for Jamaica (N.Y.)"), topped the UK Soul charts for weeks since its release, while "Rest Assured" made waves on the UK Electronic charts.

LAVAHI also produces, plays flute and piccolo, and arranges. She has added her unique sound to national and international projects in genres varying from rap to film scores to alternative. LAVAHI loves the studio and feels most natural when recording independently; but her second home is the collaborative live performance of the stage. She has been featured at venues such as Blues Alley, Bethesda Blues and Jazz, Kat's Cafe, Porter-Sanford III, St. James Live!, City Winery, and more, and she has even stepped into the world of acting via musicals and stage plays.

As a scholar, LAVAHI curates an experience to critically read environment, self, and society through pop pedagogy, blending popular culture and trending topics with theoretical, historical, and philosophical foundations. One of her most popular academic works entitled "Beyoncé Reborn: Lemonade as Spiritual Enlightenment" is available to read in The Lemonade Reader: Beyoncé, Black Feminism, and Spirituality, an edited collection by Dr. Kinitra Brooks and Dr. Kameelah L. Martin. LAVAHI is also developing a series entitled "Call and Response," which invites artists to perform and use their art to engage in critical conversations with a mixed audience of the public and the academy.

Whether through performance in music, in writing, or in academic spaces, LAVAHI allows her own vulnerability to cultivate the vibe and create a safe space, internally and externally, for those sharing the experience with her.

LAVAHI is currently working on her long-awaited solo project From Afar.  Lavahi and Replay and Rewind Records sincerely appreciate your constant support as she works on producing this special piece.  

Make sure to follow @lavahi to stay updated on the LP and latest information for live performances, publications, and events!

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